Having too much stock puts a major stain on a business.

Not only is it clutter to your workspace, but it’s your capital rotting as time goes by. is here to create a catered inventory liquidation option, specifically created for you, and just for you!

We offer an array of services that can help you liquidate overstock, prepare for closeout inventory and bankruptcies, and move less than desirable closeouts.

food liquidation

Regardless of what inventory you are looking to liquidate, we can provide a step-by-step detailed recovery plan to closeout your inventory.

Perhaps you are a manufacturer of Potato Chips, and you had a custom PO that was canceled – not a problem! We have been the go-to source for food liquidation for the past 20+ years. We can buy your merchandise, and move it discretely within a targeted area to ensure that your items don’t cause you headaches any longer!

Have you invested in a product overseas only to receive a Cease & Desist once it arrived here in the states? Don’t let your investment go down the toilet. Give us a call! We can save your investment, and bring you high recovery for items you are otherwise asked to destroy.

Maybe you’re a 3PL who has a warehousemen’s lien on product because you have not been paid… With one call we can convert your loss into cash, clear out the space, and rid you of a problematic vendor.

SELLinventory is poised to handle whatever liquidation inventory needs you may need. With over 30 years of experience with closeouts and inventory liquidation, we are the premier source for not only the highest recovery, but for the quickest recovery as well.

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