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Having too much inventory, or stock that isn’t turning quick enough, is a major strain on a business. Beyond the initial and clear cost of a product, are additional hidden expenses, including: warehousing and storage costs, labor related costs, product depreciation, taxes, and opportunity costs.


SELLinventory.com is here to create a specific-to-you inventory liquidation plan. We offer an array of services from liquidating overstock, closing-out products, managing reverse logistics and customer returns, operating store pack-outs/store closings, and asset recovery services including bankruptcy preparation.


Excess, Overstock, & Obsolete Inventory Liquidation

Not all products are created equally, nor do they always meet sales goals.  Trends are changing quicker than ever –  Fast-fashion for instance, is the new norm.  The explosive growth of D2C (direct to consumer) business has altered supply chain, product lifecycles, and traditional “planogramed” merchandising.  Expectations from both, vendors and consumers are more demanding than ever today; meaning more cancellations, more rejections, more returns, and more merchandise not converting to dollars.

The cost of holding excess inventory only goes up, whereas the market value of those goods does the opposite.

At SELLinventory we buy your excess stock in bulk, upfront for cash.

When we purchase your excess inventory, we will:


Corporate Bankruptcy Liquidation

Whether you’ve already filed for bankruptcy, are considering filing, or you’re an Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors – you’re likely looking to recover as much cash as possible from the inventory. We are here to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

 What if you could liquidate your entire inventory all at once?

We do exactly that.  We can buy, pack, and ship all your stock and closeout inventory.

Here’s How We Can Help If Your Business Is Going Bankrupt:

Store closings

No company wants stock left over when they close a store. It’s a hassle to pack and ship. Where do you send it?  This is more money wasted shipping and storing.

We make store closing simple! We can buy and ship all your leftover merchandise and closeout inventory.


Don’t let your remaining stock hold your company back from moving forward. Contact us for a free consultation today.


Rejected and Abandoned Inventory

Your business’s warehouse space is precious. Filling it with rejected or abandoned merchandise reduces your companies profitability. It’s also a hassle to receive and manage, taking away your time from more important jobs.

At SELLinventory we offer tailor-made solutions to manage rejected and abandoned stock.

By working with us, you can:

Customer Returns and Reverse Logistics

Returns will always be an integral part of one’s business. Naturally, the more a company sells, the more returns they’ll receive. A good reverse logistics process can bring great value to your bottom line.  Product that is unable to be resold as new, or returned-to-vendor, is not necessarily a total loss.  We serve markets where we can repurpose customer returns.

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How We Handle Customer Returns and Reverse Logistics:

Closing Down or Surging Ahead

Learn how to get rid of excess stock. Contact us for a free consultation right now.

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