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At SELL inventory, we are all about helping your business maximize profit by help clear out unwanted stock. Whether its excess, underperforming, damaged returns, obsolete or short date food, we can buy it, and end your inventory problem today!

A Comprehensive Solution to Liquidation.

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Brit Lyle

Transacting with SELLinventory.com was both easy and seamless, which is a testament to their operational dedication, organization, and communication.  We were paid both accurately and promptly, and would recommend Jay and his team to anyone who requires their services.

Brittany Lyle
Sr. Biz Development
Brittany Lyle

Jay and Jon were fantastic to work with and bring a wealth of knowledge, as well as a large professional network.

Michael Rodack
Michael Rodack

Their ability to handle and process large volumes of inventory promptly and accurately, set them apart from the competition.  While each project had its own set of challenges, Jay was able to navigate through intricate networks to achieve successful resolutions.

David E. Riley III
Vice President of Logistics
David E. Riley III
inventory liquidation - Damaged and Obsolete goods that can be sold

Sell Inventory | Inventory Liquidation Buyers

Regardless of what type of inventory you are looking to sell, SELL inventory is ready to help you with all your inventory liquidation needs. For the past 30 years, SELL inventory has been the industry leader as inventory buyers in servicing inventory liquidation needs for Fortune 500 Companies, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Salvagers. Whether you have excess inventory of housewares, obsolete personal electronics, or a surplus of food product coming close-to-expiration, SELL inventory is your go-to source for inventory liquidation and inventory buyers.

As Inventory Buyers What We Do?

Categories of excess inventory we purchase includes, but is not limited to: food, chocolate, candy, confectioneries, olive oil, dressing, canned fruits and vegetables, coffee, condiments, cereal, pasta, snacks, paper products, housewares, detergents, electronics, furniture, apparel, hair accessories, handbags, hosiery, plastics, health and beauty aids, seasonal, pet supplies, gifts, general merchandise, craft, candles, bed and bath, garden, luggage, sporting goods and many more.

Whether your inventory liquidation needs consist of pallets or truckloads, we have the ability and know how to sell through your inventory, quickly and painlessly. Rather than selling your inventory to big-box discount stores who advertise and market your brand at a tremendous discount on a national or global platform, sell to a professional and reputable liquidation company, such as SELL inventory. By doing so, you will achieve high recovery, and avoid disruption and diminishing the value of your brand.

With 30 years of experience, we have an established network or stores and outlets to help you dissolve your inventory – without causing any disruption to your marketplace.