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Not all products are as successful as each other. Sometimes something simply isn’t as popular, or it becomes obsolete quickly. You might even end up stuck with a lot of merchandise after a cancelled order.

Not only does overstock cost you money, but it also fills your physical space with a visual problem. An overstocked physical space can cause your mental space to become ‘cluttered’ as well.

Now you could just hold on to excess stock and hope that it will sell in time or pay for epensive offsite storage to move it out of site and out of mind. But neither of these help you reduce exposure to a slow-moving product or give you an instant return on capital so you can move forward.

At SELLinventory we buy your excess stock in bulk, upfront for cash.

We pay, pack and ship your excess stock. Selling your overstock to us, we will:

  • Get rid of all your excess stock in one go.
  • Reduce your exposure to less profitable stock.
  • Allow you to focus managing your business and making money.

Contac us for a free consultation today, and we will show you how you can benefit from getting rid of overstock.

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