Retail With Us

Sell Inventory stock

Retail with us is a new way to manage your excess stock to achieve maximum ROI.

There are many reasons why companies end up with excess stock And as a inventory buyers ,we can help you . Regardless of the reason, having excess stock is bad for your business. It:

  • Slows the company down.
  •  Leaves you over exposed to one product.
  •  Ties up precious operating capital for months or even years.
  •  Distracts you from focusing on the most profitable services and products.

By retailing with SELLinventory, you will get maximum return for your overstock, without the hassle or cost of keeping and selling it.

We enter into a profit-sharing arrangement to sell your overstock through our extensive network of retailers. Here is what you get:

  •  Maximum return for your stock.
  •  Access to SELLinventory’s vast network of retailers.
  •  A fully managed service. We do the shipping, distribution, and marketing in order to sell your inventory.

We will provide a tailor-made solutions to help your company get rid of excess stock and move forward.

Retail with us is available for all industries and types merchandise. Here are some of our previous clients and types of merchandise:

  • Children’s Toys & Infant Gear
  • Modell’s Sporting Goods: Sporting Good Inventory
  • Liberty TripAdvisor: Costumes & Accessories

If you don’t need immediate access to capital, then retailing through SELLinventory will give you the maximum ROI for your excess stock. Contact us for a free consolation today.